XVI CEI Annual Meeting


The XVI CEI Annual Meeting will take place in the ETSII-UPM on May 9th-10th, 2024. As in previous years, the main objective of this event is to present the CEI activities related to both industrial and academic partners. Thus, the Annual Meeting is an interesting networking space, a place to learn and to meet your colleagues and partners.

In this edition, we dedicate a special session to a topic of interest today: “Challenges in Microelectronic Design“.

Moreover, the following topics will be also addressed:

  • Advanced Power Electronic Converters and Systems
  • Embedded Intelligence, IoT and Reconfigurable Systems
  • Emerging Applications
  • Microelectronic Design
  • Modeling, Characterization and Simulation of Components and Power Converters

During this edition, we have more than 40 posters in different state-of-the-art research lines, as well as several technical oral sessions from CEI researchers and our partners.

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Time schedule is Central Europe Summer Time (UTC +2)

Thursday May 9th


Attendees are invited to attend the following short course:

  • Mastering the Art of High-Frequency LLC Converters (10:00-13:00h)
    Coordinators: D. Ríos (UPM) y M. Vasic (UPM)
  • Open-Source HW/SW Deployment using RISC-V and MLIR(09:00-13:00h)
    Coordinators: A. Otero (UPM) and J. Gallego (UPM)
  • Wireless Power Transfer for Medical Applications (10:00-13:00h)
    Coordinators: R. Ramos (UPM) y M. Jiménez (UPM)

Conference Site: ROOM C – ETSII

OPENING SESSION (15:30-16:00 h.)

Óscar García, ETSII Director
Jorge Portilla, CEI Director

INVITED CONFERENCES (16:00-18:00 h.)

José Miguel Pascual (INDRA)

Miquel Moretó (BSC)

Rubén Pérez-Aranda (KDPOF)


Poster Session Site: CEI/Electronic Lab.


You will have the opportunity to meet our young researchers, exchange interesting ideas and enjoy beverages and food that will be available during the poster session. Do not miss this great opportunity to know us better.

The poster session will be held in the main lab of Centro de Electrónica Industrial (CEI). Find the provisional list of the posters in the last page.

Poster Booklet 2024

Friday May 10th

Conference Site: ROOM C – ETSII

TECHNICAL SESSIONS (9:00-13:30 h.)

TECHNICAL SESSION A (9:00 – 11:00)

Session Chair: TBD

  • Design and Optimization of a High Frequency and High Power Transformer
    Using Neural Network for DAB DC-DC converter  Lufan Zhou
  • MLIR-based compilation for automatic acceleration deployment on CGRAs  Juan Gallego
  • Capacitevely Isolated Resonant Switched Capacitor Topologies  Gabriel Maldonado
  • Power Management System Design for a Smart Bearing Energy
    Harvesting Application  Fernando Torrero & Alejandro Redondo
  • AIRSHIP: DC Microgrid for Ekranoplans  Luis Ruiz & Celia Ramos
  • Flexible and Configurable RISC-V-Centric Acceleration Platforms for Safety-Critical Applications  Luis Waucquez

Coffe Break (11:00 – 11:30)

TECHNICAL SESSION B (11:30 – 13:30)

Session Chair: TBD

  • Highly compact magnetic transformer with dedicated thermal management
    for aerospace applications  Andrés Ferrer
  • A novel Deep Learning Approach for Affective Computing with
    Embedded Devices  Junjiao Jun
  • DITTCe Project: Enhancing the Efficiency of a Wirelessly Powered
    Medical Implant through Artificial Neural Networks  Álvaro Rodríguez
  • A Microservice-Based Infrastructure for the Integration of Reconfigurable
    Accelerators in the Cloud-Edge Continuum  Juan Encinas
  • FOGUITOS: Techniques for Advanced Thermal Modelling for Digital Twins  Xianghao Mo
  • Situational Awareness I2X Pipeline Methodology for LiDAR-based Sensor
    Networks at the Edge of Internet of Things  Rogelio Hernández