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What is “Industrial Council @ CEI”?

The Industrial Council is an instrument intended to serve as a liaison between Industry and Students, gathering a series of activities which range from Academic activities to Research. CEI acts as supervising entity so that specific activities are tutored by CEI professors and co-supervised by Industry partner engineers. CEI plans to connect the best students with the best world-class companies. More information.

One of the most attractive issues of the industrial Council is the scholarship program, in which companies offer different grants to undergraduate, Master, and pre-Doctoral students in areas related to electronics. At the end of this period, there is an interesting opportunity to receive an offer for an internship at the company.

Sholarships for TFG/TFM 

TITLE Funded by Type Hours*week
TFG TFM 12 20
Application of Internet of Things edge technologies for Distributed Management in Microgrids CEI X X
Constant Gain Power Converters for Future DC Grids CEI X X
Desarrollo de plataforma modular de experimentación de sensores y circuitos electrónicos CEI X X
Desarrollo de un algoritmo de Machine Learning para la identificación de fases en un sistema de distribución de energía eléctrica CEI X X
Desarrollo de un dispositivo microfluídico para el cultivo de redes neuronales biológicas CEI X X
Design of Experimental platform for IoT in Microgrids CEI X X
Development of implantable wireless device to treat brain cancer diseases CEI X X X X
Diseño de un sistema de detección y seguimiento de objetos basado en técnicas de Machine Learning para entornos industriales CEI X X
Exploración de arquitecturas RISC-V adaptativas basadas en técnicas de reconfiguración dinámica y parcial en FPGAs CEI X X
Implementación de seguridad post-cuántica en comunicación basada en LoRa CEI X X
Implementation of Computation Offloading strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks for Internet of Things CEI X X
Isolated Switched Capacitor Converter CEI X X
Optimal Power Flow Management in an Electric Vehicle Charging Station CEI X X X
Switched Capacitor Converter for Space Application CEI X X
Diseñar y probar los magnéticos para el Full-Bridge GaN Airbus CRISA X X
Diseñar y probar un Ful-bridge basado en GaN Airbus CRISA X X
FPGA de altas prestaciones y FPGA supervisora conectada a través de una línea de alta velocidad Airbus CRISA X X
High gain bi-directional DC/DC for Battery ESS interface converter HUAWEI X X
High Power PCB magnetics – Parasitic Extraction HUAWEI X X
Microcontroller selection and design of new module for URBOS tramways control board VIESCA X X
“Direct to chip” power conversion for HPC DPX X X
Review and Redesign of a Power Supply Board for Space Application: Evolution of Resonant Forward Converter Thales X X


If you are interested fill this application form (link) and send the academic report to

  • Deadline: June 30, 2022 (extended until July 3th, 2022)
  • Results of the selection process will be published in this web about July 20th, 2022

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