The XIII CEI Annual Meeting will be scheduled online due to the restrictions caused by COVID19 pandemia on June 23th-25th, 2021. As in previous years, the main objective of this event is to present the CEI activities related to both industrial and academic partners. Thus, the Annual Meeting is an interesting networking space, a place to learn and to meet your colleagues and partners.

In this edition, we dedicate a special session to a topic of interest today: “WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER“. Moreover, the following topics will be also addressed:

  • Advanced Power Electronic Converters and Systems
  • Embedded Intelligence, IoT and Reconfigurable Systems
  • Emerging Applications
  • Modeling, Caracterization and Simulation of Components and Power Converters

During this edition, we have more than 45 posters in different state-of-the-art research lines, as well as several technical oral sessions from CEI researchers and our partners.

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In due time, to the registered participants, instructions will be given to follow the online session scheduled in the program.

The agenda of CEI 2021 Annual meeting will be:

PROGRAM (click here)

Time schedule is Central Europe Summer Time (UTC +2)

Wednesday June 23rd

WORKSHOP (15:00 h.)

Impact of SiC & GaN Semiconductors on Power Converters and Architectures: Challenges and opportunities

  • Dr. Minjie Chen, Princeton University (15:00-15:40 h.)
  • Prof. Ulrike Grossner, ETH Zurich (15:45 – 16:25 h.)
  • Dr. Miroslav Vasic, UPM (16:30 – 17:10 h.)

Break (20 minutes)

  • Prof. Dragan Maksimovic, University of Colorado Boulder (17:30 – 18:10 h.)
  • Dr. Juan Rivas, Stanford University (18:15  – 18:55 h.)

Short description and bio

Thursday June 24th

SHORT COURSES (9:00-12:00 h.)

Attendees are invited to attend the following short courses (note that two of them are running in parallel):

  • Key aspects of the design and control of WPT systems
    Coordinators: Regina Ramos & Alberto Delgado
  • Model Predictive Control for Power Converters
    Coodinators: Dionisio Ramírez, Miguel Jiménez Carrizosa & Airán Francés

OPENING SESSION (15:30-16:00 h.)

PANEL DEBATE (16:00-18:00 h.)

Wireless Power Transfer

  • Prof. Regan Zane and Dr. Abhilash Kamineni – Utah State University, USA – Inductive WPT for Electric Vehicle Applications at the ASPIRE Engineering Research Center
  • Prof. Mor Peretz – Ben-Gurion University, Israel – Multi-client support with seamless wireless power delivery on distributed Capacitive-coupling medium.
    Intricate relationships and main challenges
  • Prof. Nuno Borges – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal – SWIPT – Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transmission for IoT Sensors


 POSTER SESSION (18:00-20:00 h.)

The poster session will be held on line. You will have the opportunity to discuss with the researchers and to see the latest CEI outcomes.


Friday June 25th

TECHNICAL SESSIONS (9:00-14:00 h.)

Session Chair:  ANDRÉS OTERO / REGINA RAMOS (9:00-11:15)

Multi-grain Reconfigurable and Scalable Overlays for Hardware Accelerator Composition
R. Zamacola

Dual Active Bridge  based Solid State Transformer to Give Support to Railway Grid
D. Santamargarita

Highly automated platform for Real-Time validation of Reconfigurable
MPSoC-based space systems
A. Pérez

A Wireless Power Transfer System with Inverse Coupled Current Doubler
Rectifier for High Output Current Applications
L. Shi

Automatic data-set generation for deep neural networks training for object
classification with LIDAR
C. Wisultschew

Setup for GaN Characterization under Short-circuit Events
J. Galindos

Session Chair:  MIROSLAV VASIC / ALFONSO RODRÍGUEZ (11:30-13:45 h)

 Post-quantum IoT Security in the extreme Edge
J. Señor

Peak and Valley Current Control for Buck type converters
R. Ramos

Affective Computing for Emotion Recognition with wearable Devices
E. Magán

Building Efficient and Low-Profile LLC Converter with Narrow Operating Frequency Range
A. de Juan

Parametric Identification of DC-DC Converters by Means of Optimization Algorithms
H. Mazaheri

Multi-cell Multi-level 20MHz Swtiching Power Amplifier
L. Gómez