XIV CEI Annual Meeting

The XIV CEI Annual Meeting wwill take place in the ETSII-UPM on June 15th-17th, 2022. As in previous years, the main objective of this event is to present the CEI activities related to both industrial and academic partners. Thus, the Annual Meeting is an interesting networking space, a place to learn and to meet your colleagues and partners.

In this edition, we dedicate a special session to a topic of interest today: “Open Hardware & RISC-V“.

Moreover, the following topics will be also addressed:

  • Advanced Power Electronic Converters and Systems
  • Embedded Intelligence, IoT and Reconfigurable Systems
  • Emerging Applications
  • Modeling, Caracterization and Simulation of Components and Power Converters

During this edition, we have more than 30 posters in different state-of-the-art research lines, as well as several technical oral sessions from CEI researchers and our partners.

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FINAL PROGRAM  Download pdf

Time schedule is Central Europe Summer Time (UTC +2)

Wednesday June 15th


Next Generation of Low-Voltage High-Current Power Converters like PoL or VRM

  • Improved Planar Matrix Transformer for Low-Voltage High-Current LLC converter
    Dr. Ziwei Ouyang, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) (on line) (15:30 – 15:55)
  • Direct to Chip Power Conversion
    Dr. José A. Cobos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) (16:00 – 16:25)
  • Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Circuits and Magnetics for High-Current CPU Voltage Regulators
    Dr. Minjie Chen, Princeton University (on line) (16:30 – 16:55)

Coffe Break (17:00 – 17:55)

  • Power Delivery Architecture and Topologies for Low Voltage High Current Applications
    Mr. Ratul Das and Dr. Hanh-Phuc Le, California University, San Diego (on line) (18:00 – 18:25)
  • Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Power Architectures for 48V Datacenter DC-DC Conversion: Circuit Topologies and Control Techniques for Extreme Efficiency and Power Density
    Dr. Robert Pilawa-Podgursky, California University, Berkeley (on line) (18:30 – 18:55)

Thursday June 16th

SHORT COURSES (9:00-12:00 h.)

Attendees are invited to attend the following short course (more infomation):

  • Building custom RISC-V Systems on Chip with open-source tools
    Coordinators: Alfonso Rodríguez & Andrés Otero
  • Modeling and Control of Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters
    Coordinators: Airán Francés & Dionisio Ramírez

Open Hardware & RISC-V

OPENING SESSION (15:30-16:00 h.)

Óscar García, ETSII Director
Teresa Riesgo, Innovation General Secretary
Javier Uceda, CEI Director

INVITED CONFERENCES (16:00-17:00 h.)

Supercomputing and European Sovereignty
Prof. Mateo Valero
Director of BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)
16:00-17:00 h.

RISC-V and Open hardware: The path for cooperative research, training and innovation around Open-source Hw/Sw
Dr. Lluís Terés

IMB-CNM (Barcelona, Spain)
17:00-17:30 h.

Open Hardware and Space: RISC-V, Airbus Crisa viewD. Juan A. Ortega
CRISA (Madrid, Spain)
17:30-18:00 h.


We will present you the latest CEI Initative to excel the development of new and groundbreaking ideas among our researchers. The 2022 grantees will exhibit their novel High Risk, High Gain ideas and inspire you with the original concepts that will be developed in the following months.


You will have the opportunity to meet our young researchers, exchange interesting ideas and enjoy beverages and food that will be available during the poster session. Do not miss this great opportunity to know us better.

The poster session will be held in the main lab of Centro de Electrónica Industrial (CEI). Find the provisional list of the posters in the last page.

Friday June 17th

TECHNICAL SESSIONS (9:00-14:00 h.) 

  • Adaptable RISC-V Datapaths via CGRA extensions  D. Vázquez (CEI)
  • Generation of 3D environments with Unity for LG simulator for auto-labeled
    dataset generation with LIDAR  R. Hernández (CEI)
  • Why do we need to learn quantum computing?  J. Señor (CEI)
  • ML-based modeling of reconfigurable multi-accelerator systems for computing
    offloading in IoT  J. Encinas (CEI)
  • A polytopic extension of a blackbox Wiener-Hammerstein model for modeling
    DC-DC converters with strong dynamic nonlinearities  F. Pérez (CEI)

Coffe Break (11:00 – 11:45)

  • Increasing efficiency in bidirectional WPT system and synchronization of primary
    and secondary microcontrollers  N. Mirkovic (CEI)
  • IPT DC Transformer  M.A. Moya (CEI)
  • Integration of a 1kW Three-Phase LLC Converter into a Low-Profile Housing  D. Ríos (CEI)
  • Wireless power transfer for EVs based on standard J2954. L. Shi (Wallbox Charger, Spain)
  • Single-Phase Single Stage PFC Based on a Novel Floating Capacitor  Filter
    for Electric Vehicle On Board Charger Application  I. Alzuguren (CEI-IKERLAN)
  • Thermal Modeling of High Power PCB Magnetic Components  L. Clavero (CEI-HUAWEI)