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The 11th CEI Annual Meeting will take place in the ETSII-UPM on April 19th-20th, 2018. As in previous years, the main objective of this event is to present the CEI activities related to both industrial and academic partners. Thus, the Annual Meeting is an interesting networking space, a place to learn and to meet your colleagues and partners.

In this edition, we dedicate a special session to a topic of interest today: “Industrial Electronics for the Internet of Things“. Moreover, the following topics will be also addressed:

  • Advanced Power Systems
  • Embedded intelligence
  • High Efficiency RF Amplifiers
  • Internet of Things
  • Modeling and simulation of Power Converters
  • Reconfigurability
  • Smart Grids
  • Specific Applications

During this edition, we have more than 30 posters in different state-of-the-art research lines, as well as several technical oral sessions from CEI researchers and our partners. Moreover, attendees are invited to attend the following short courses (note that two of them are running in parallel):

  • Boosting Flexibility and Computing Performance in Dynamically Reconfigurable FPGA-Based Embedded Systems” coordinated by Andrés Otero & Alfonso Rodríguez (CEI-UPM).

    Abstract: This tutorial provides a step-by-step tour on the design of Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems using commercial Xilinx FPGAs. Special focus will be put on potential applications of this technology in the industry. The course will be organized into three sections. First, a minimal theoretical introduction to the implementation of dynamically reconfigurable systems will be provided, followed by a practical overview of the Vivado partial reconfiguration flow. Last, the ARTICo3 framework will be briefly described before implementing a dynamically scalable and fault-tolerant solution based on this UPM proprietary technology.

  • GaN transistors as an enabler of high performance power electronics” coordinated by Miroslav Vasic & Pedro Alou (CEI-UPM).

    Abstract: In the last years we have witnessed a dramatic change in the semiconductor technology as Gallium nitride (GaN) and Silicon carbide (SiC) devices have emerged as a possible replacement for silicon devices in various power conversion applications and as an enabler of new applications not previously possible. GaN and SiC are materials with higher and gap, electron velocity and critical electrical field than silicon and they are more suitable for higher voltages and higher frequencies. Nevertheless, with these new technologies questions regarding their price, reliability and their impact on other aspects of the system design arise.

    This lecture will try to provide some answers to these questions focusing on the basic physics of GaN transistors and low-voltage (< 1000V) applications where the employment of GaN power switches brings increased energy efficiency and power density. Applications such as communication (envelope tracking), transportation (DC-DC power converters for satellites) and renewable energy will be addressed and discussed. Experimental results and tradeoffs in performance vs. cost will be critically assessed.

  • EMI/EMC pre-compliance and debug with a modern oscilloscope ” coordinated by Víctor Medina (RHODE&SCHWARZ).
    Outline: EMI/EMC Fundamentals, EMI Sources & Victims, Techniques to find culprits and victims, Analysis and troubleshooting using time domain and real-time spectral analysis, Real examples and demos.

The final program detailing the main activities is available at the beginning of this page. If you want to assist to the event, please send the Registration Form above to cei@upm.es.

This event is supported by AFC INGENIEROS S.A. and RHODE&SCHWARZ.