• Plaza de Profesor Contratado Doctor – 13 de julio de 2020

    0017 – 1 Plaza de Profesor Contratado Doctor, con dedicación a tiempo completo Área de Conocimiento: TECNOLOGÍA ELECTRÓNICA Perfil docente: Fundamentos de Electrónica (GITI), Electrónica de Potencia (GITI), Diseño de sistemas electrónicos (MII) y Modelling and Control of Power Converters … Read more

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  • Power Electronics Engineers- CTAG

    Power Electronics Engineers – CTAG Galician Automotive Technology Center Power Electronics Engineers with PCB Design knowledge and experience working with tasks related to power electronics for HW development projects related to research and development of new technologies applicable to the … Read more

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  • CEI researchers win award from Typhoon HIL

    CEI researchers get main reward at Typhoon HIL’s academic program competition “10 for 10” Read more

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  • Wednesday Seminar by Borja Revuelta

    On November 28, 2018, our Ph.D. candidate Borja Revuelta will talk about “Safe reconfiguration of Hardware Accelerators on multi-FPGA Platforms for Space Applications”, under Wednesday Seminar format.

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  • Thesis defense by Airán Francés

    On December 3, 2018 (11:00h) at Room Sala C of ETSII-UPM, our Ph.D. candidate Airán Francés will defend his Ph.D. Thesis entitled “Blackbox Nonlinear Modeling and Stability Analysis of DC Electronic Power Converters in Microgrids” and supervisor Professor Javier Uceda. … Read more

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  • Wednesday Seminar by Rafael Zamacola

    On November 21, 2018, our Ph.D. candidate Rafael Zamacola will talk about “IMPRESS: implementation of partial reconfigurable systems”, under Wednesday Seminar format.

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