Doctoral Degree

New doctoral program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) has been accredited by ANECA  (Spanish Agency for the accreditation of university degrees)

This is a joint initiative of UPM (Technical University of Madrid) and University of Oviedo. At UPM, two departments, Electrical Engineering and Control, Electronics and Computer Engineering are cooperating in this program. DEEE program at UPM merges the traditional Doctoral Programs in Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

The admission period for new students is already open. Completed and detailed information for this program will be shortly found in a new web page under construction.

LINK to doctoral program website


PhD Doctoral Thesis

AIRAN FRANCES ROGER Blackbox Nonlinear Modeling and Stability Analysis of DC Electronic Power Converters in Microgrids 03-dic-18 10.20868/UPM.thesis.53613 JAVIER UCEDA
MARCELO  SILVA FAÚNDEZ Isolated Swiss-Forward Three-Phase Rectifier for Aircraft Applications: Analysis, Design and Validation 20-jul-18 10.20868/UPM.thesis.52132 JESÚS ÁNGEL OLIVER
SISI ZHAO Analysis and comparison of topologies of three phase active rectifiers for aircraft applications 06-abr-18 10.20868/UPM.thesis.50342 PEDRO ALOU , JESÚS ÁNGEL OLIVER
YANN BOUVIER RESCALVO Contributions to the design and optimization of unregulated LLC converters with high conversion ratio and high output current 20-nov-19 10.20868/UPM.thesis.57559 PEDRO ALOU
JAVIER MORA DE SAMBRICIO Architecture and methodology for automated development of evolvable and reconfigurable hardware applications 10-abr-19 10.20868/UPM.thesis.54813 EDUARDO DE LA TORRE
DAVID ALEDO ORTEGA Distributed Artificial Neural Network architecture over Wireless Sensor Network 10-sep-20 10.20868/UPM.thesis.64690 FÉLIX ANTONIO MORENO
UROS BOROVIC Contributions to the design methodology of three-phase active rectifiers to comply with avionic standars: input voltage distortion and phase loss 10-ene-20 10.20868/UPM.thesis.57771 PEDRO ALOU . JESÚS ÁNGEL OLIVER
GALO FERNANDO GUARDERAS BURBANO Modelizado en caja negra de convertidores electrónicos de potencia para aplicaciones en microrredes de corriente alterna 20-ene-20 10.20868/UPM.thesis.57769 JAVIER UCEDA
ALFONSO RODRÍGUEZ MEDINA A Framework to Support Run-Time Adaptation in Reconfigurable Multi-Accelerator Systems 10-nov-20 10.20868/UPM.thesis.65388 EDUARDO DE LA TORRE
GUILLERMO SALINAS LÓPEZ Thermal modelling of high-frecuency magnetic components for power electronics by Finite Element Analysis 06-jul-20 10.20868/UPM.thesis.62988 ROBERTO PRIETO
PABLO SERRANO Modelling and Control of Piezoactuators for High Precision Positioning Systems Used in Radioactive Environments 22-may-20 10.20868/UPM.thesis.62733 JESÚS ÁNGEL OLIVER , MARK BUTCHER
DIEGO SERRANO Single-stage single-phase inverter with multimode modulation and ZVS for PV applications 26-feb-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.66244 JOSÉ ANTONIO COBOS MÁRQUEZ
LEONARDO SURIANO Runtime Adaptive Hardware/Software execution in complex heterogeneous systems 05-feb-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.66169 EDUARDO DE LA TORRE
MARÍA REGINA RAMOS Control design of single phase inverters with multiple modulation strategies and variable switching frequency 03-mar-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.66312 JOSÉ ANTONIO COBOS MÁRQUEZ
ANTREAS NAZIRIS Large-signal, Black-box Modelling of Bidirectional Battery Chargers 10-mar-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.66421 JAVIER UCEDA
CHENG LI Optimization of DC-DC Power Supply Systems by Differential and Hybrid Power Processing 04-nov-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.69027 JOSÉ ANTONIO COBOS
VLADAN LAZAREVIC Ultra-Fast and Compact GaN-Based Power Amplifier as an Arbitrary Voltage Generator 23-sep-21 Miroslav Vasic
MÓNICA VILLAVERDE Adaptive Cooperative Learning Model based on Classifier Ensembles for Embedded Intelligent Systems 12-jul-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.67720 FÉLIX ANTONIO MORENO
LIXIN SHI Advanced Wireless Power Transfer Technologies: Reactance Cancelling and Inverse Coupled Current Doubler Rectifier 02-dic-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.69243 PEDRO ALOU CERVERA
BRANISLAV STEVANOVIC Highly Efficient, Full ZVS, Hybrid, Multi-Level DC/DC Topology for Two-Stage Grid-Connected 1500-V Solar String Inverter 13-dic-21 10.20868/UPM.thesis.69294 PEDRO ALOU , MIROSLAV VASIC
ALBERTO DELGADO Analysis and Guidelines for Inductive Power Transfer Links Design 10-dic-21 JESÚS ÁNGEL OLIVER