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The 10th Annual Meeting of the CEI-UPM will take place in the ETSII-UPM on March 23rd -24th, 2017. As in previous editions, the main objective is to present the activities at CEI and its partners. The Annual Meeting is an interesting networking space, a place to learn and to meet your colleagues and partners. This year, we dedicate a special session to  “Autonomous Vehicles“. In addition, the following interesting topics will be also addressed:

  • Embedded Intelligence
  • High-Efficiency RF Amplifiers
  • INGENIA Projects: Creativity in Electronics
  • Modeling and Simulation of Power Converters
  • Power Topologies
  • Reconfigurability
  • Specific Applications
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

During this edition, we will show more than 30 posters of our researchers in different research lines. Two short courses will be running in parallel:

  • Networked Embedded Systems for Internet of Things: A Practical Approach” coordinated by Dr. Jorge Portilla.
    Wireless Sensor Networks WSNs are evolving towards a broader framework, involving several heterogeneous technologies, pointing the advent of the so called Internet of Things (IoT) era. Within this scenario, it is mandatory to talk about connected objects that interact with the society in such a way unthinkable up to now. In this context, networked embedded systems represent the physical layer of the IoT, beyond the WSN paradigm.In this seminar, we introduce the technologies involved in this IoT revolution, and we carry out some practices with hardware, sensors, wireless communications, internet, actuators, etc
  • Three-Phase Rectifiers Basic Concepts, Topologies, and Control” coordinated by Dr. Jesús A. Oliver.
    This seminar will present the basic topologies and concepts for the control of three-phase rectifiers. Most of the concepts are shared with three phase inverters connected to the grid since, in both cases, the power converter needs to be synchronized with the grid and has to control the input/output current depending on the application.
    The seminar will begin by showing some basic concepts related to space vectors, DQ transformations, PLLs as building blocks of the rectifier control. Some basic topologies for the rectifiers will be discussed from the point of view of the power stage and its control, showing their benefits and limitations. Finally, different control structures will be explained and analyzed

In addition, we will have several oral presentations from CEI, other Universities, and industry. The final program detailing the main activities is available here.

If you want to assist to the event, please send this Registration form to cei@upm.es.