XIII CEI Annual Meeting. Online Session Posters Room

The virtual posters are divided in the following 4 topics:

  1. Advanced Power Electronic Converters and Systems
  2. Embedded Intelligence, IoT and Reconfigurable Systems
  3. Emerging Applications
  4. Modelling, Characterization and Simulation of Components and Power  Converters

The virtual poster presentations will be organized in two sessions, with two parallel tracks in each session. During the session, each poster will be shortly summarized, clearly explaining the problem that was analysed and the main driver idea that is presented.

When the track is finished, the attendees will be able to continue a face-to-face discussion with the presenters following the Teams link that will be provided for each poster.

On the web page of the Annual Meeting you can consult all the posters, their distribution per Topic and Session. Additionally, you will find the corresponding Teams link that should be used if you would like to further discuss the topic with the author.

ROOM 1 (18:30 – 19:20 h.)

Optimization, design and validation of the LC filter of a three-phase inverter for electric mobility
M. Astudillo

A wireless power transfer system with inverse coupled current doubler rectifier for high output current applications
L. Shi

High Density, Isolated AC/DC Converters for EV Fast Charger Applications
L. Clavero

Forward-Flyback Converter with Cockcroft-Walton Voltage Multiplier: Dynamic Modelling and Valley-Switching Control Design
J.A. Serrano

Single Stage High Efficiency and High Density Bidirectional Rectifier for Telecom
M. Aracil

Circuit analysis and design for self-synchronous rectification of GaN HEMT devices in DC/DC converters
M. García

Peak and Valley Current Control for buck converters
J.C. Rodríguez

Digital control with a low cost MCU of a single phase flyback DCM-PFC
F. Alarcón

Design of a SiC Inverter for Rotating Magnetic Field in Nanomedical Magnetic Hyperthermia
D. Muñoz

Desarrollo de técnicas y dispositivos para el análisis de señales acústicas biológicas marinas
C. Rodríguez

Free-Software Development for the Automated Generation of PCB Transformers for High-Power & Voltage Applications
A.J. Ávila-Casanova

Nonlinear Stability Analysis of DC-DC Power Electronic Systems by Means of Switching Digital Twin
H. Mazaheri

Modelling and Control of a Micro-Scaled Redox Flow Battery
A. Bernaldo de Quirós

Comparative Analysis of Different Box Inductor Designs for the Google Little Box Challenge
E. Peredo

Characterisation of GaN under Short Circuits events
J. Galindos


ROOM 2 (18:30 – 19:20 h.)

Transformadores planares para amplificadores de potencia de RF
D. Tena

Set-up’s development for the characterization of magnetic materials at high frequency
G. Moral

Analog Switch Matrix as an interface for connecting the recording and stimulation channels to the microelectrode array of neural networks cultured in vitr
S. García

Design of an electrical stimulation path for biological neural networks
D. Rodríguez

Effects of magnetic resonance technique on implanted devices in the brain using finite element analysis
V. Korenyak

Prototype of an electric field generator for brain tumor treatment
P.J. Flores

High Frequency Modular Cascaded Multilevel converter with Carrier Phase-Shifted modulation
L. Gómez

High Frequency Compact GaN Based Switching Inverter to Drive Inkjet Printer Head
L. Gómez

Detector de alta tensión para catenarias
I. Gálvez-Cañero

Use of variable frequency electric fields for brain tumor treating
G. Fernández

A Ripple Estimation Technique for Commercial DC-DC Converters
F. Pérez

Double-pulse testing for characterization of IGBT module
B. Zunzunegui

Methodology for multi-die package semiconductor Thermal Model in a Dynamic Environment
J.M. Barón

Verification of the IGBT’s thermal model for a three-phase inverter designed by Fagor
A. García


ROOM 3 (19:30 – 20:05 h.)

Design of a Planar Transformer for High Power and High Voltage
G. Nuñez

Design of a Low Losses Core Inductor for Massive Production
M. Alegre

IGBT rectifier: from low to high power grids
J. Sierra

Compact and Efficient High-Frequency LLC converter with narrow frequency-variation for Aircraft Applications
A. de Juan

Design & multi-objective optimization of a 3-phase SiC traction inverter
A. de Miguel

Topologies comparison for WPT transfomer
M. Moya

Design of a SiC Module Driver and DC Bus for a Solid State Transformer
D. Camino

Design of SiC Solid State Transformer for Medium Voltage Applications Using Advanced Optimization Techniques
D. Santamargarita

Transformerless, string/multi-string, three-phase-grid-connected inverter for use in commercial/residential 1500-V PV applications”
B. Stevanovic


ROOM 4 (19:30 – 20:05 h.)

Run-Time Monitoring and ML-Based Modeling in Reconfigurable Multi-Accelerator Systems
J. Encinas

Using Chisel to Implement ML Accelerators as Custom RISC-V Instructions
R. Rodríguez & P. Mazariegos

Highly automated platform for Real-Time validation of Reconfigurable MPSoC-based applications
A. Pérez

Multi-grain Reconfigurable and Scalable Overlays for Hardware Accelerator Composition
R. Zamacola

Post-quantum IoT Security in the extreme edge
J. Señor

Automatic data-set generation for deep neural networks training for objet classification with LIDAR
C. Wisultschew

AI-based Positioning for Smart Railway Systems
E. Magán

Affective Computing for Emotion Recognition with weareable Devices
C. Filiu & E. Magán

Lossless Data Compressor for Space Applications
D. Vázquez

Design of a recording channel for cultured neural networks
A. Aparicio