Demonstration of a Fault-Tolerant Hyperspectral Image Compression application running on ARTICo3, CEI’s embedded hardware acceleration platform, at the Enable-S3 Marketplace

The General Assembly meeting of Enable-S3, held in Oporto (Portugal) at ISEP premises on May 23rd and 24th 2017, gathered an important representation of partners (Enable-S3 is an ECSEL project with more than 70 companies and institutions involved), and it was an excellent opportunity to organize the first Enable-S3 marketplace, with the idea of showing preliminary results from the different use cases of the project. UPM-CEI participates actively in one of these use cases (in the aerospace domain) together with other companies and institutions such as Thales Alenia Space España, GMV, ULPGC and ITI. A collaborative effort between UPM and ULPGC was done in order to show a scalable and fault-tolerant hardware implementation of a Hyperspectral Image Compressor based on the CCSDS123 standard (HyLoC), which was mapped on the ARTICo3 architecture on a Zynq MMP board. This architecture lets, dynamically and at run-time, adapt the number of hardware accelerators used for a given task to achieve different performance, consumption and fault-tolerance tradeoffs.