Project duration: 36 months
Start date: October 2012
Project website: http://www.powerswipe.eu/
Funded by: European Comission 7FM
Principal investigator: Jesús A. Oliver
Researchers: José A. Cobos, Óscar García, Pedro Alou, Roberto Prieto, Jorge Cortés, Vladimir Svikovic


  • TYNDALL (Ireland)


WSN-DPCM is made possible by funding from the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and Italian, Greek and Spanish Authorities (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain). WSN-DPCM will address large-scale application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) by developing an integrated patform for smart environments comprising a middleware for heterogeneous wireless technologies, an integrated engineering tool for quick system development, a planning tool and a commissioning & maintenance tool. Two demonstrators will be built to evaluate the impact of the middleware and tools.