Radio Engineering

The main research lines of the Radio Engineering Group are the following few ones:

  • Communication Electronics and specialty in high efficiency power amplifiers (RF and microwave circuits)
    • Design and simulation of circuits: harmonic balance, time domain, envelope, own: ADS, AWR, Spice, Hepa Plus, etc.
    • Printed circuit board design: on FR4 and microwave substrates (Altium, Autocad, etc.).
    • Circuit characterization: active device model extraction for switchmode operation, load-pull characterization, etc.
    • Prototype Building and testing.
  • Digital Signal Processing for communications (over DSP and FPGA, TI, Analog Devices).
    • Software radio, MIMO, etc.
    • RADAR signal processing
    • Communications networks and specialty in satellite mobile communications: Inmarsat: C, D+, M2M, BGAN, Thuraya, Iridium.
    • Video over satellite.
  • Low power embedded systems:
    • Analog Devices Blackfin with embedded Linux operative system.
    • Texas Instruments MSP 430, Intel 8051.
    • FPGA Xilinx Virtex.
  • Programming and managing of Unix (Linux) and Microsoft Windows servers: PHP, PERL, PHYTON, C#, Java, .NET, etc.
  • Telecommunications consulting.

Radio Engineering Projects

Radio Engineering Publications