Power Electronics

Power Electronics activities at CEI are related to Power Supply Systems of any nature, ranging from low power (5mW) cochlear implants to high power (100kW) X-ray applications. However, most of the activities deal with DC-DC, AC-DC or DC-AC conversion in the range of tens or hundreds of Watts.
The traditional research areas of the centre are: power supply systems, power management; energy efficiency, non-linear control, modelling and simulation of magnetic components, converters and systems
This research has allowed the design of high efficiency power supplies for telecommunications, avionics, medical, military and automotive industries.
The incorporation of nonlinear control techniques, multi-phase converters and digital control have improved substantially the benefits of the converters and opened the door to new applications such as RF amplifiers. Recently, we are working with wide bandgap devices, both GaN and SiC, the development of models for EMI / EMC and some renewable energy systems.

  • Power converters:
    • DC-DC converters
    • FAST Dynamics
    • AC-DC and DC-AC.
  • Power Supply Architectures.
  • Modeling & Simulation.
  • RF Amplifiers.
  • Emerging Applications.
  • Digital Control

The funding scheme of this area is based on public national funds, mainly from Plan Nacional (MCInn), CENIT and EU funds and also with direct contract with the industry,ÿcooperatingÿwith companies as ABB, Agere Systems, Airbus, Alcatel, Ansoft, Ansys, Astrium-Crisa, Boeing, Cochlear, EADS, Enpirion, Fagor, General Electric, Indra, Intel, Philips Hearing Implants, Premo, Sedecal, Sener, Siemens, SISC and Tecnobit


Power Electronics: Projects

  • W-ALMA

    Project funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. Convocatoria Retos-Colaboración 2016 (RTC-2016-4820-4). Read more

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  • PowerSwipe

    POWER SoC With Integrated PassivEs, funded by European Comission (from October 2012 until September 2015) Read more

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  • Shorttest

    Electronics subsystem for the short circuit test of electric motor windings funded by BOSCH, July-December 2012 Read more

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Power Electronics Publications