Power Quality

The sub-lines that make this research line will not change because they are adequate to the evolution of the line:

  • Power electronics in power systems
  • Harmonics, unbalance, and flicker in power systems
  • Measurement of power quality

The first sub-line involves the modeling of power systems with nonlinear loads. A new software tool has been developed that is capable of simulating large networks with three-phase rectifiers, arc furnaces, direct current links, traction loads, etc. The injection of harmonics and the imbalances caused by these loads in the power systems can be analyzed with this tool.

The second sub-line examines the behavior of fluctuating loads that produce interharmonics and flicker. The software tool is able to study the dissemination of these disturbances (that are associated to loads with changing operating points) in the power systems.

In addition to the analysis of the electrical network, experimental measurements can be performed. In this way, there are measurement instruments and software applications to process the collected data.

A special emphasis will be made on the modeling of the high voltage transmission of electric energy in direct current (HVDC) due to the present evolution of the Spanish power transmission system.

Power Quality Projects

Power Quality Publications