José A. Cobos

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Full Professor


Email:, Tlf: +34 910 676 932

Academic Degrees

1989 Industrial Engineer (Electrical Engineering). ETSII. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
1994 Doctor in Industrial Engineer (Electrical Engineer). ETSII. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

research lines

Power Electronics

short cv

  • Full Professor @ UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
  • Chair of the “Industrial Council” @ CEI (Centro de Electrónica Industrial)

Visiting Professor

  • RCC Fellow @ Harvard University
  • Fulbright scholar @ UC Berkeley

Since 1991 he is a Faculty member (Full Professor since 2001) at UPM. He has been lecturing courses on Electronics with special focus on Fundamentals, Analog, and Power Electronics, for Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral students. He is member of the academic group “Innovative Education on Industrial Electronics”.


His contributions are focused in the field of Power Supply Systems for telecom, aerospace, industrial, automotive, renewable energy and medical applications. His research interests include energy efficiency in digital systems and RF amplifiers, magnetic components, piezoelectric transformers, transcutaneous energy transfer and dynamic power management. He also works in the generation of EM fields for water supercooling and biomedical effects. He advised over 40 Master Thesis and 14 Doctoral dissertations, published over 50 journal papers and over 300 technical papers and holds 8 patents (h>45; >7500 citations). He conducted professional seminars and tutorials in USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Mexico and Macedonia.

In 2006, he was the Founding Director of the “Centro de Electrónica Industrial, CEI-UPM”, a University research Center leading a strong industrial program in Power Electronics, Digital Systems and RF amplifiers. In 2016, he founded the “Industrial Council @ CEI”, to coordinate education and grants for students with seed money from Industry.

In the academic course 2016-17 he was on sabbatical in the USA. He has been “RCC Fellow” at Harvard University the Fall semester, and “Fulbright” scholar to work on Energy Efficiency, at UC Berkeley in the Spring semester. He was invited to give talks at the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Renewable Energy laboratory (NREL), MIT, Northeastern University, Dartmouth College, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Georgia Tech, University of Colorado (Boulder), AMD and Stanford. He also visited Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Intel and CPES at Virginia Tech

Now, he is pursuing the opportunity to merge his all-life passion (study the brain) with his professional background on electronics and energy efficiency

Direct contracts with Industry:

Since 1986, he has been leading or participating in more than 60 direct R&D contracts for companies in

  • Europe: ABB, Airbus Defence & Space, Airbus Military, Alcatel, Boeing, Bosch, EADS, Crisa, Fagor, Indra, Philips Hearing Implants, Premo, Sedecal, Sener, Siemens, Thales Alenia Space and Tecnobit
  • USA: Ansoft/Ansys, Agere Systems, APEX, GE, Enpirion, Intel
  • China: SISC, Huawei
  • Australia: Cochlear

In the academic course 2016-17 he is on sabbatical in the USA. He has been “RCC Fellow” at Harvard University the Fall semester, and “Fulbright” scholar to work on Energy Efficiency, at UC Berkeley in the Spring semester. He visited and/or gave seminars at the National Science Foundation, MIT, Northeastern University, Dartmouth College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Stanford.

Invited Talks in the last 5 years:

July, 2014 High bandwidth Power Supplies @ Bristol University UK
Nov, 2014 Power Supply Systems for Energy Efficiency @ U. Padova Italy
Dec, 2015 Advanced Technologies for Power Supply Systems @ Airbus Madrid
May, 2016 Energy Efficiency through Power Electronics @ DTU Denmark
Nov, 2016 Power Systems on Chip @ National Science Foundation USA
Nov, 2016 Power Supplies on Chip (PwrSoC)
From high level methodology to detailed optimization
@ Northeastern University USA
Dec, 2016 Energy Efficiency through Power Electronics @ CEI.
A sabbatical at Harvard and Berkeley
Dec, 2016 Power Electronics @ CEI. The Industrial Council @ Dartmouth College USA
Jan, 2016 Power Electronics @ CEI. The little box challenge  @ UIUC, Illinois USA
March, 2017 The Google Little Box Challenge (  @ UC Berkeley USA
April, 2017 Differential Power. Optimization of Energy Buffered Converters  @ Georgia Tech USA
June, 2017 Optimization of Energy Buffered Converters  @ Stanford USA
June, 2017 Differential Power (  @ IEEE-SFBAC USA
June, 2017 Information and Energy flowing together  @ AMD USA
June, 2017 “The Little Box Challenge”. CEI@UPM team  @ U. Colorado USA
June, 2017 Minimal internal Power Processing in Energy Buffered Converters  @ NREL USA

Co-inventor of Patents:

Besides the technology transfer through direct contracts with companies, as described above, he is Co-inventor of 12 Patents and SW registers. Patents co-invented with industry include:

Alcatel. “Switched Power Supply Converter with a Piezoelectric transformer”, US 6,738,267
Alcatel. “AC/DC Power Converter Device”, 5,867,378
APEX, “Multiplexed Multilevel Converter Amplifier”, US 9,592,665
Bosch, “Dispositivo y Método para l aprueba de Calidad de un Bobinado Eléctrico”, ES2654568 (A1)
Enpirion/Altera/Intel, “Controller for a Power Converter and a Method of operating the same”, US 8,736,241
Huawei, “Power 2 architecture”, 85520366PCT01
Huawei, “DC side Resonant Power converter”, 85522357PCT01
Infineon, “Active rectifier for Efficient Wireless Power Transfer”, US 2015/0349538

Commercialization of Tools:

Analogy Inc.: “Magnetic Modeling Tool”
Ansoft / Ansys: 2 tools and 1 library:
PEmag: it is a tool to generate models of magnetic components
PExprt: it is a tool to design magnetic components. There are around 1000 licenses sold along the years, and the estimate of users may be of several thousands.
SMPS library: it is a library with models of many types of power components

Leadership / Service


  • IEEE-APEC (over 4,500 attendees, 300 Exhibitors):
    • Member of the Steering committee (2013-present)
    • Expo Chair (2015-2017)
    • Leadership track: Assistant Program Chair (2018), Program Chair (2019) and eventually General Chair (2020)
  • Editor in Chief of the Special issue on PwrSoC of IEEE-JESTPE (2017).
  • General Chair of “PwrSoC 2016” (IEEE-PELS & PSMA)
  • Associate Editor (AE) of the IEEE-PELS Transactions on Power Electronics (2003-present)
  • Appeals Committee of the IEEE-Transactions on Power Electronics, since 2017
  • Associate Editor (AE) of the IEEE-PELS Letters (2002-2005)
  • Chair of the Technical Committee on DC Power Supply Systems of the IEEE-PELS (2001-2006)
  • Member-at-large (2012-2014) of the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Power Electronics Society

At ETS Ingenieros Industriales, ETSII (UPM):

  • “Vice Dean for Academic Studies” (2006-2010), adapting the engineering degrees to the Bologna declaration
  • Executive Director of the “Sociedad de Amigos” (2006-2010), which coordinates the patronage of top Spanish companies to ETSII
  • President of the “Alumni Association” (2006-2009)
  • “Vice Dean for Research and Doctorate” (2004-2006)
  • Deputy “Vice Dean for Academic Studies” (2000-2004)

At the Center of Industrial Electronics, CEI (UPM):

  • Founding President of the “Industrial Council @ CEI” in July 2016, which coordinates Education & Research providing scholarships to CEI students, from Airbus SD – CRISA, Thales Alenia Space, Bosch, Premo and Ing. Viesca.
  • Director, 2011 – 2015
  • Founding Director, 2006 – 2007


  • Fulbright Scholarship, at UC Berkeley, 2017.
  • RCC Fellow, at Harvard University, 2016-17.
  • 1st Award of “Certamen Arquímedes”, advising Victor Cordón. Ministery of Education. 2017
  • Google “Little Box Challenge” award, to develop the smallest possible inverter, for PV panels and high density batteries. Google and IEEE-PELS. 2014
  • ECPE (European Center for Power Electronics) grant, to participate in the “Little Box Challenge”, 2014.
  • “Semikron Innovation Award” for the work on “RF Power Amplifier with Increased Efficiency and Bandwidth”. 2012
  • “IEEE-PELS Richard Bass Outstanding Young Power Electronics Award”. 2000
  • “UPM Research and Development Award” for faculty less than 35 years of age”, 2000