Industrial Council @ CEI

Industrial Council @ CEI

What is “Industrial Council @ CEI”?

The Industrial Council is an instrument intended to serve as a liaison between Industry and Students, gathering a series of activities which range from Academic activities to Research. CEI acts as supervising entity so that specific activities are tutored by CEI professors and co-supervised by Industry partner engineers.

One of the most attractive issues of the industrial Council is the scholarship program, in which companies offer different grants to undergraduate, Master and pre-Doctoral students. CEI plans to connect the best students with the best world-class companies. The list (draft version yet, and continuously updated) of companies expected to participate in the first event of the CEI Industrial Council is:

The grant amounts depending on the student level are:

  1. Undergraduate Grants for TFG: 300 €/month (12 h/week)
  2. Master grants for TFM: 450 – 700 €/month (12-18 h/week)
  3. Pre-doctoral contract: 1300 €/month (30 h/week)

CEI will periodically organize events to meet together and link both Industry and Students. Industrial partners will find the way to promote their activities so that students may be aware of possible future interactions.

These so called concertation events are geared towards all students who wish to participate in the activities related with the Research being carried out at CEI, mainly those students in the Specialization of Control and Electronics of GITI, Master on Industrial Engineering (MII) or Master on Indsutrial Electronics (MEI), wishing to either do their TFG, TFM or PhD in some of these areas, with an active involvement in industrial activity.

the Industrial Council will present the scholarships available to CEI students for doing TFG and TFM projects. As most of you know, the Industrial Council is oriented to undergraduate and master students who want to do their final projects in collaboration with some relevant national and international companies. If you are interested in Electronics Engineering and motivated to do your TFG or TFM in collaboration with industry, we are looking forward to seeing you at 12:00 in room D. Nevertheless, it is an open event and all of us who want to attend are also invited.

This is the list of projects offered by the companies for 2017-2018 academic year (PDF with offerts). To apply for one of this offers, please fill this form and sent it to before 20th July 2017.

A list of the projects offered by the companies for the previous academic year (2016-2017) is at this link.