Lixin Shi

photo of Lixin Shi


Ph.D. student


Academic Degrees

 2016. M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering. Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), China.

research lines

Power Electronics

short cv


  • Lixin Shi and Xiaodong Zhang. Soft Starting System for Fuel Oil Automobile. 201510243886.7. CN 104811096 A. July 29, 2015;
  • Lixin Shi and Xiaodong Zhang. Network System of Electrical Equipment Based on IPv6. 201610107590.7. CN 105812451 A. Feb. 29, 2016.


  • Research on Soft Starter Installed in Gas Automobiles. (BJTU,09/2013-06/2016)
  • Research on Drive Circuit of Ancillary Conversion System Installed in HXD2 Electric Locomotive. (BJTU,09/2013-03/2014)
  • Impact of GaN devices on DC/DC converters in space applications(UPM,12/2016-present)


  • Lixin Shi and Xiaodong Zhang. Research on Noise Reduction Technique for Oil-Fueled Automobile. Electronic Design Engineering (2016, (19):148-151).