SCOTT: Secure Connected Trustable Things

SCOTT – Secure COnnected Trustable Things, a pan-European effort with 57 key partners from 12 countries (EU and Brazil), will provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of wireless, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability (Technology Readiness Level 6-7) to bridge the last mile to market implementation. SCOTT will not just deal with ‚things that are connected‘, but with ‚trustable things that securely communicate‘, i.e. things interconnected by dependable wireless technology and valuing the end-users‘ privacy rules. Read more


Project within the Inspire call from Respsol Read more

Citizen2Citizen (C2C)

Summary Name: Desarrollo de soluciones TIC integradas para el fomento de la gestión urbana, sostenibles y resilientes (Citizen 2 Citizen) Project duration: 24 months Start date: October 2015 Funded by: Call AEESD 2015, Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Comercio, Spain … Read more


EnviGuard is a response to the growing need for accurate real time monitoring of the seas/ocean and the aquaculture industries need for a reliable and cost-effective risk management tool. The implementation of the EnviGuard system will allow for early detection … Read more


Secure, Mobile visual sensor networks ArchiTecture Read more


GIST Project “ICT tools greening food processing businesses” is a collaborative project co-funded by the CIP Eco-Innovation Programme, financial instrument which main objective is to boost European’s environmental and competitive standing by supporting innovative solutions that protect the environment while creating a larger market for “green” technologies, management methods, product and services. Read more


Dynamically Reconfigurable Embedded Platforms for Networked Context-Aware Multimedia Systems funded by Mº Ciencia e Innovación, (from January 2012 until December 2013 Read more

Design and Prototyping of a Development Board and Characterization of Applications to Be Implemented in a RAM based FPGA

The target of this project is the design and prototyping of a development board and the characterization of applications that will be implemented in a RAM based FPGA, together with a set of methods that will allow realize HW reconfiguration of the FPGA partially and/or totally and dynamically, and simultaneously remotely and autonomously. Read more


WSN Development, Planning, Commissioning and Maintenance ToolSet, funded by ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (from october 2011-2013) Read more