Talk by Alfonso Rodriguez at Universität Paderborn (Germany)

On June 21st, 2017, our Ph.D. candidate Alfonso Rodriguez will give a talk about “Adaptive, Hardware-Accelerated High-Performance Embedded Computing: the ARTICo3 Framework” in the context of the 13th SFB 901 Workshop at Universität Paderborn (Germany).

Abstract: Embedded computing platforms need to face scenarios with increasing application complexity and stringent requirements. Hence, enhancing processing performance, while at the same time ensuring feasibility in resource-constrained environments is a must nowadays. In this context, the ARTICo3 architecture appears as a solution to enable dynamic adaptation of application execution by establishing run-time tradeoffs between computing performance, energy consumption, and fault tolerance. An overview of the ARTICo3 framework for SRAM-based FPGAs is presented, including low-level architectural details, available design-time toolchains (e.g. hardware accelerator development and integration, implementation floorplanning), run-time environment, testbed applications, and ongoing extensions.