Gestión automatizada de los datos de registradores

Project duration: 12 months
Start date: 2011
Project website:
Funded by: REE (Spain)
Principal investigator: Luis Fernández-Beites
Researchers: Julio Gª Mayordomo


  • REE (Spain)


Evaluation the recorded data

REE’s recorders  are placed  in various nodes of the grid. This information is brought to REE’s computers. A program is being made to deal with this information and to create automatic power quality reports for differents periods of time.


Once the PQ data is obtained in the equiped buses, the results should be extended to the unequiped ones. In this way, the unknowns parameters of PQ in the rest of the nodes will be inferred based in the actual measurements, description of the whole network and estimation of the unknowon values. With information about all nodes, new localization for new equipment can also be suggested.