Project duration: 12months
Start date: 1 July 2013
Project website:
Funded by: FIDELIA Group and UPM
Principal investigator: José A. Cobos
Researchers: Óscar García, Jesús A. Oliver, Pedro Alou, Rafael Asensi


  • FIDELIA Group


The main objective of this project is to design and develop the necessary electronic equipment to apply electric and / or magnetic fields of the appropriateintensity and frequency to achieve the supercooling of water, so that ice crystals are not formed even lowering its temperature far below 0ºC.
One of the expected applications of this technique is to enable the conservation of all types of body tissues, including organs for transplants. Nowadays, there is a tight time limitation (few hours) between donation and implantation. The organs cannot be frozen because ice crystals damage the cells. If a bank of organs were available, more people could be saved