Project duration: 36 months
Start date: October 2011
Project website: http://www.wsn-dpcm.eu/
Funded by: ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking
Ref. number: ART-010000-2011-1
Principal investigator: Teresa Riesgo
Researchers: Jorge Portilla, Gabriel Mújica, Danping He


  • Spain: MTP, ISIS,CEI-UPM
  • Italy: University of Naples, INTECS, Polito, Minteos
  • Greece: TSI, ATHENA/ISI, University of Patras
  • Lithuania: Baltec CNC Technologies


WSN-DPCM is made possible by funding from the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and Italian, Greek and Spanish Authorities (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain). WSN-DPCM will address large-scale application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) by developing an integrated patform for smart environments comprising a middleware for heterogeneous wireless technologies, an integrated engineering tool for quick system development, a planning tool and a commissioning & maintenance tool. Two demonstrators will be built to evaluate the impact of the middleware and tools. More information at http://www.wsn-dpcm.eu/.

UPM- CEI is in charge of the next main activities:

  1. Develop a hand-held device (tblet like device) which will assist to the installer during the deployment phase. This device will include sensors, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G communications, and will be able to monitor the network itself after deployment to debbug it and refine the final installation. Therefore will include radio technologies compatible with the ones used by the wireless sensor network in every case.
  2. Develop a planning tool that includes 3D reconstruction algorithms from 2D maps, and radio propagation models, in order to simulate part of the network behavior before deployment.


– D. He, G. Mujica, J. Portilla, T. Riesgo, “Simulation Tool and Case Study for Planning Wireless Sensor Network”, in Proceeding of IECON’12, Montreal, canada, October 2012.
– D. He, G. liang, J. Portilla, T. Riesgo, “A Novel Method for Radio Propagation Simulation Based on Automatic 3D Environment Reconstruction”, in proceedings of EuCAP, Prague, March 2012.