March 22nd & 23rd

The Annual Meeting is scheduled on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.


Opening session

In this Edition, the opening ceremony was led by the ViceDirector of research from the E.T.S.I. Indutriales (UPM) and the Director of CEI. An overview of the history of CEI and the motivation to organize the annual meeting was given, which is to show what we do at CEI, and foster cooperation and research alignment with industry and other universities.

Conversational Discussion

Entrepreneurship in the Electronics. From ideas to facts. How to face challenges in electronics spin-offs?
Four relevant participants were invited to share with us their own experience: Juan B. Genua from LUIX (San Sebastian-Spain), Juan M. Carrasco form Green Power (Sevilla-Spain), Luis Redondo form INETSIS (Madrid-Spain) and Pedro Moneo from OPINNO (San Francisco-USA).
Their complementary points of view, their past experience, their hopes and their challenges helped us to know about entrepreneurship in a wide range area of electronic applications.

Visiting the CEI Lab and POSTER SESSION

The poster session took place in the UPM-CEI Lab. The researchers showed the latest developments in a friendly environment with the help of the prototypes and demos. We believe that this one to one communication is very useful for both researcher and attendee. In this session we had the collaboration of GIRA (Grupo Ingeniería de Radio from UPM) and UO (University of Oviedo). We exhibited 32 contributions grouped in five topics.


Technical Session

  • CEI Sessions
  • University Session
  • Industry Session

The Friday technical sessions were divided in three parts: CEI, University and Industry sessions. For the CEI oral sessions, we selected few of the key contributions of our center, covering several topics of our research lines (including again GIRA and UO). This year we received the contribution of four outstanding groups of several Spanish universities and they showed us one of the topics they are specialized. We want to thank to the speakers of U. Carlos III, U. de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, U. de Zaragoza and U. Politecnica de Catalunya for their contributions. Finally, in the industry session, four of our associated companies showed us some of the challenges they are facing now. We want to thank to Thales Alenia Space, Intel, CRISA and Enpirion and the speakers for their willingness to collaborate.

Wrap-up Coctel

After one day and a half, the relaxing cocktail was a very nice chance to discuss and to share opinions while enjoying and tasting some appetizers and, surely, to wish a very warm see you next year at the 6th CEI Annual Meeting

The world’s Industry, research and academia are cordially invited to participate in this 5th Annual Meeting. The Poster and Technical Sessions will come current research, including:

  • Control Techniques
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Optimization of Power Circuits
  • Power Topologies
  • Re-configurability & Evolvable Hardware
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

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